1. My dear followers, I’m sooo happy :) Nyanyanya… Yesterday evening was so… awesome. And I’m sending my happiness to you!!!!!!

    Okay, I’ve hit the gym:

    warm-up - treadmill 1500m, small stretching, arms, back, abs, legs, calves and feet, warm-down - treadmill 800m, small stretching

    I want my muscles to be sore tomorrow!

    And I wish everyone a great week, yay


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    Sep 01 6:29PM
  2. Hello, dear followrs! How’s Sunday going?

    Mine is all right. I got an email from my teacher today and it seems I have a topic for my term paper, yay! I want to do it the best way.

    I ran 53 minutes first(listening to Coldplay…. they are so awesome), then I ran with my groupmate for 21 minutes(I want to help him become a sportsman, he is really nice) and then I ran for several minutes back home. To sum up…. I ran for 1h 19minutes + small stretching.

    My granny arrived, I am also going to the sauna soon and….

    I cannot wait for the evening….. C:


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  3. I’m finally at home :)

    So many things to do!

    Running for 53 minutes in the morning.

    I wish everyone a great weekend!


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    Aug 30 7:18PM


  4. Hello everybody! :)

    How’s your week going on?

    Today I ran for only 43 minutes, but it’s oki. 

    Haha, it was so adorable. On the way to the village these women petted this cutie and it got lost!! Can you imagine that!? (Actually, its family was 250 metres away) But it started to cry(check the video) and run around the place! I was really upset for the cutie and I helped this sheep to find her family and it felt so good!! But the sheep had really lost its mind because of grief… They were so close but it didn’t see them, haha. It was rushing from one place to another even when I was calling it and trying to push it in the right direction. Poor creature! And her family members were idiots, haha, they didn’t even notice that their child was absent! Lol.


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    Aug 27 6:34PM
  5. Hello, my fellow sportsmen and followers! :)

    I really hope that you are doing well! I haven’t been here for 20 days and I cannot live without you, haha. 

    I can tell you, guys, that life is full of surprises. And it always moves on no matter what.And some negative events and wrong actions may lead us to right places. 

    I hope that these three weeks have taught me something and I’ve become at least a bit wiser. At least I do feel older. 

    I’ve finally understood, my dear followers, that we should be brave, we should take chances our life gives us. And we should never be scared. Never.I don’t want to dig deeper into what I’ve come to during these weeks. I’d better tell you about how I spent this time and what my plans are.

    On the 8th of August I left to Germany, Bremen where I worked as an interpreter from German into Russian and vice versa. I would have never agreed to do that but one person once told me just one thing: “I would do that” and I was like…”hm… Am I worse? I should learn from that person!” So, that’s how I went there. The funny thing is that I’ve been learning German for only three years. I cannot judge myself but… it was okay(haha, quite a neutral word) and I don’t regret going there. But… I’m not sure I would agree to do that again right now. So.. here are some pictures:


    RIver Weser in Bremen. Bremen is super nice! There are many things to see and to show but I am lazy, guys…Sorry… You can always google right? Or just ask me and I’ll upload more stuff.


    You will not believe.. I jumped(dived) from height - 3 metres! Yeah-yeah,make fun of me but it was super breath-taking and scary, especially the first time, but then… I fell in love with it! Some guys jumped from 10…. Holy ^&*(^!!!! (sorry :D)


    Here we are - responsible ppl for our kids(we went with a group of kids). We are wearing dresses because we are returning from the meeting with a Stellvertreter des Bürgermeisters. It was “fun” haha. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And we are sitting on a monument. And that doggie has question marks instead of eyes, lol.


    The highest free fall tower in the world! I hoped to die there but I didn’t, haha. Shame on me! I closed my eyes but I was so happy to finally get back to plent Earth, lol. We also tried two more crazy things in the park and now I feel like a hero. I don’t know how people do it every now and then. 

    So, I spent there a week. Then I returned home and in a couple of days I went to the village. I had to visit my granny because during the summer I was so busy that I couldn’t visit her. So, today I returned. 

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much pictures this year because I was more into making videos :) But one thing finally happened to me!


    Bad luck.. I was so clumsy that my camera fell into a bucketwith water. But no worries it does work, yay.


    This picture is called: “My granny knows how to take a picture of me”. And no irony, haha, as it is weird, no doubt, but I like this picture.

    I also met with my super cool friend from Kaliningrad, Ann. I love you, Ann :*

    I didn’t run enough all this time and I don’t regret it somehow.. But I did run and I am not gonna stop.

    My plans? To continue doing what I have always been doing. 


    Life is so awesome especially when you find peace inside yourself. And when people that you love are happy, healthy and around you.

    So, I will keep on posting again, dear followers! I want to thank you all! Our runblr community is the best in the world! And I’m following the news, don’t worry :* 


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    Aug 26 11:30PM


  6. One person has just walked away from my life. I am such a dumbass and it is ALL my fault.

    That is why I do not want to keep this diary any more. At least now I am not able to. I do not know if I ever come back here, but I will save my profile for sure. 

    Dear followers, be happy.

    And now I am going on the run and I do not know when I come back…


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    Aug 07 9:21AM


  7. Yesterday I did not run but I met wiith my super friend. Yay.

    Today I’ve hit the gym. Usual stuff.

    I have also met Volodya. He might call me today and we will run together in the evening.

    I do not understand how people drink soda. Terrible.


    Aug 06 12:11PM
  8. What can be better than two steps from hell and a big cup of green tea?

    I’ve hit the gym in the morning. Usual stuff.

    I’ve skyped with Ash and Esra today. I’ve spent three hours talking with them. I love them so much. 

    But… why are relations between people sometimes so complicated? Why do people hide, lie? Why do people betray? Why cannot we keep promises? Why cannot we stop sufferring from our own flaws and stop inflicting pain to others? Why cannot we be honest with ourselves? Why cannot we just live the life(the only we have) honestly, with care, understanding and empathy, with pain but dignity, with love but just without hate… 

    Why cannot we….? 


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  9. ….and I am ready to scream now. Anyway, life goes on, no matter what…

    So… running in the forest, up the hills,for…. 1h 33 mins


    I was super sweaty. Sweat wa dripping from my face, every part of the body, arms, legs… check it out yourself


    I was sooo sweaty and this picture still cannot show you that.

    When I returned I was so dehydrated and hot that I drank o,5 litre of milk (just from the fridge). I know-I know.. it’s not water… but I felt better. Then I took a shower and went to a shop and bought some natural juice and yogurt. image

    Yeah.. I drank one bottle in a matter of seconds on the way home. And I still want to drink. And I’ve drunk too much extremely cold beverages, so.. I might have a sore throat quite soon. It’s the second day I’m alone at home. I couldn’t sleep at night, actually, I can never sleep any more. I can never eat any more. And I’m just worn out.


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  10. What an awesome song. 

    What will become of the truth when we keep it in
    things we don’t remember when they ask us when
    we did the things that we learned we shouldn’t do again
    what wasn’t learned from mistakes, we will make them

    Warm-up for 10 mins, intervals - 2 mis faster -> 2 mins slower x 10, warm-down for 9 mins, stretching

    After the 7th series I swam in the river, it was fabulous!

    Now I’m drinking hot green tea, eating peaches and….


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